In a world where IMAGE, COLOR and QUALITY matter most, SOTT is a leader.
For more than 20 years SOTT has been fully engaged in developing unique vinyl films that stand out from the competition. Colors have to be deeper and more intense and the range of applications wider; installing them should be without problems, anywhere in the world.

The new version of the renowned Ultimate PremiumPlus (UPP) series has it all. This new series has nothing to do with the old version other than its name and the original inventors of it: SOTT. A new era for UPP has begun.

This is the next generation of wrap film as it should be.


SOTT Ultimate PremiumPlus™ is extremely conformable and ideal for automotive as well as industrial and marine applications.


SOTT Ultimate PremiumPlus™ series is a high-quality cast PVC wrap film. This soft, flexible PVC film has special properties, as described below, but one of its main selling points is the possibility to manufacture it in virtually any color, optionally even with the same color depth of exclusive automotive paints.

SOTT Ultimate PremiumPlus™ offers every installer the freedom and ability to deliver a perfect installation without compromises that is finely finished in smallest detail. This high-grade cast film has many special characteristics that make it the best car wrap film in the world in the opinion of many car wrappers. Here is a summary of the facts:


The colors of the new UPP are improved, show more intense hue and depth and are closer to real car paint than ever.


You can apply the film, squeegee it and pull it away again without changing or activating the adhesive structure. Even if the film was stretched, you can heat it up and make it return to its original shape and size, ready to be reapplied. The adhesive layer will be undamaged.


In contrast to many other films, this film shows practically no pressure lines in the adhesive during installation and stretching. Any lines in the surface of matte films will disappear when heated up.


The color of the film often changes when it is stretched. This is a consequence of the pigmentation of the pvc during production. SOTT takes this into account and makes sure that this effect is kept to a minimum or even entirely prevented. This keeps colors intact, even when stretched extremely into deep channels and over creases.


NexGen Ultimate PremiumPlus™ can even be crumpled up and uncrumpled without any visible creases or kinks. Just warm up the film and the creases will disappear like snow in the sun. Even the adhesive layer remains undamaged and ready for use.

The Ultimate Car Wrap Film for The Most Extreme Wrap Jobs

Size: 152 cm (60″) x 22,85 cm (25 yd)

100 micron (4 mil)

Multi-cast PVC

Automotive-XTM 2.0 adhesve

Resistant to gasoline

No edge lifting

No delaminating

Extremely elastic and fully workable with a heat gun

Restorative properties when stretched and repositioned

Perfect for application over rivets, ridges, convex and concave surfaces.

Expected life time: 3-5 years

Suitable for car wrapping, fleet marking, boats and jet skis.

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